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Playtri Classes

Playtri has specific classes to target and enhance your movements as it relates to triathlon. Weight training, flexibility, core strength, and more are all designed to better your performance.

Visit the Playtri Calendar to see which classes are currently being offered.

Power Weights

Improve your muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and overall strength- all keeping in mind a functional training approach. Power sessions with Playtri emphasize core, rotational movements, full range of motion, specific sequencing of exercises, and a continuous motion rhythm of lifting.

Run Drills/Dynamic Stretching

This Playtri class works on an athlete's limiters - whether it be proper form, efficiency, strength or flexibility, every athlete has something that is preventing them from going faster. In one hour we'll work on some of each to help you get to your next PR.

Weights & Running

This class is designed as a combination of weights and running drills.

Dynamic Movement and Core (all levels)

Daily & athletic movement does not occur through the arms and legs only. Movement is driven by a foundation of hip, core and shoulder stability. This class focuses on building strength, mobility and flexibility by training body movements to stabilize the whole body.

Dynamic Strength & Power (some strength training experience recommended)

This class will lengthen muscles and correct imbalances allowing for increased muscular recruitment. Strength and power are improved through dynamic stretching, corrective movements and weights.

Free Dynamic Warm Up and Corrective Movements (30min)

Lengthen tight muscles and correct imbalances to make you stronger for the bike and run.


Visit the Playtri Calendar to see which classes are currently being offered.