Are You Recovering Right?

We know you think about getting 'race ready', but are you RECOVERY ready? All too often, athletes focus so much on the training and execution of a race, they sometimes forget that there is still some work to do in the days following a race. We cross the finish line, grab a banana, maybe some chocolate milk or a beer (please not both simultaneously!), and bask in the glory and perhaps relief, of a race completed.

After completing, stretching is occasionally contemplated, rarely achieved, and many just find themselves doing the "post race shuffle" the days succeeding. So if we spend so much time training and planning before, why are we not thinking about the important things after the race?

Recovery is a discipline that needs to be incorporated into every training plan, no matter what race we do. Helping the body to mend and heal after the intense workout it is put through allows us to grow as athletes and increase our performance. This can also lead to a more enjoyable training experience, perhaps completely changing one's perception of the race in general!

So how do we help the body recover? Well first, we realize that it all begins before the end of the race. Proper nutrition and hydration post workouts, compression to allow for a faster repair of muscle and tissues after our longer workouts, and flexibility training to release knots and elongate muscles fibers, allowing better biomechanics and form throughout training, all help with how we perform after race day. Wearing the proper shoes, both during and after workouts gives the joints the support they need to keep logging mile after mile. And of course, cold therapy, such as cryosaunas, allow for an accelerated recovery of the entire body (not to mention all the other added benefits!).

Playtri can help you with planning and training your recovery.  We have cryosaunas available in some of our store locations with multiple buying options depending on your need. We also carry a diverse offering of recovery tools including rollers, trigger point recovery, and compression. Stop by your local PlayTri store and talk with one of our training experts to get the tools and knowledge needed to ensure you bounce back quickly after each workout and race.