Bike Fit Time!


It is time to get that initial Tri Bike, Bike Fit for the 2016 race season!!!


As in previous emails, dependent upon current fitness level, flexibility, range of motion, course goals and demands, run technique and distance demands, current recovery rate and progress....

You must dial in your bike fit within the next couple weeks, to ensure you are comfortable for your early season races. 

Reminder, just because it fit you last season, does not automatically imply it is dialed in for where you are at TODAY.


This is absolutely dependent upon YOU: your goals, your ability to increase recovery and range of motion under more load and race stress throughout the season, the types/distances of racing you will be doing through out the year, etc...

Here is what I recommend:

March- early season, #1 focus is the comfort of the fit (Cobb and Ahmed agree, Comfort= Speed) + it being early in the year, your bike handling skills are not quite primed for an aggressive or more aero fit, so we want to ensure we are not giving up too much speed / power just to 'look cool'

June/July- mid season, hopefully the athlete is progressing with no injury and illness + increasing racing fitness/technique and bike handling skills- there could still be more room to improve on the aerodynamics of the fit

5-6weeks prior to your A race or important event (also note, great time to get bike tune up, new tubes/tires)

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