Coach Aaron: Why Shop Playtri

Triathlon has exploded in popularity over the last decade.  We've seen huge increases in both the number of USAT registered athletes and the number of sanctioned races.  As more athletes come into our sport, the level of competition goes up along with it.  We've seen an all out arms race when it comes to equipment.  $6,000 wheel sets.  $4,500 frames.  $2,500 power meters.  $1,200 wetsuits.  The most expensive (not necessarily best) equipment has become extremely expensive.  So how do you determine what's actually the best use of your time and money?

This cuts straight to the heart of what Playtri is about.  We are not just a bike shop.  First and foremost we're a coaching company.  Our goal has always been to get people healthy.  We have spent years talking to clients about their goals and evaluating what their strengths and weaknesses are.  From there, we can take a birds-eye view to make a recommendation. 

A new bike or race wheels are flashy and always exciting, but if you want a faster bike split you might gain more from jumping into a Computrainer class twice a week for two months.  Bolting a power meter onto your bike doesn't make you any faster right away, but learning to use it in your training or hiring a coach to guide you can do more to raise your speed than any piece of aero equipment can by itself.

Do you need a new wetsuit, or do you need someone to evaluate your swim form and give you drills to address the specific issues you have with your stroke?  Do you need to train harder to drop those last few pounds to get down to race weight or have one of our nutritionists fine tune your diet to get that last bit of fat off without starving yourself and loosing power?

This is the difference between the traditional bike shop and what Playtri has started.  Our goal is to make you better.  That's not to say that wheels and bikes don't make you faster, but we want to look at you as a whole and recommend what does the most to maximize both your time and money.  It's not about selling as many bikes as humanly possible.  It's putting the right bike under the right client.  The right coach with the right client.  The right nutrition.  The right plan.  And that's the secret to our success.  We focus on what's right for the client.

Stop by a Playtri Store today and find out how we can help you reach your goals.