Coach Alix: Easy Dinner for a Busy Day: Shrimp and Vegetable Stir Fry with Curried Cauliflower Rice

Monday’s are busy days for me… Always “good busy” as I like to say – but, nonetheless, lot’s to be done. As a triathlete going after my second Half Ironman race in March, my biggest workouts usually happen over the weekend and consist of anything between 2 hours (if my coach feels like being nice…) to 6 hours. On the higher end, this can take up quite a large chunk of my weekend, especially once you factor in fueling (eating) properly around these workouts. Typically, if not a bigger/longer workout, I am racing or volunteering at a race, etc. So, weekends do not typically involve “lets take the dog for a leisurely stroll” kind of days. Not to mention, the vast majority of our clients at Playtri (MUCH more about Playtri later, but in a nutshell – this is the brilliant triathlon performance center and retail store where I get to do my nutrition, triathlon coaching and personal training!) have the same story, so, I get to help them in the midst of all of this. Now, please hear me, I choose this and I absolutely love it! So, this is not me complaining; rather allowing you a little bigger view into my life and well, why nutrition is just so important to me – on many levels… Without proper nutrition, I couldn’t maintain this lifestyle that I love. “You have to fuel the machine!!!”

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