Coach Alix: Eat for Speed

Clients come to us with varying goals: some to lose weight, some to win their Age Group in a particular distance, some to eat better and simply get healthy... But, underlying it all - no matter what a client says - they want to be FAST! Now, this may not be the #1 priority, but believe me, it falls in the top 3. Nutrition plays a HUGE role in making someone faster. I suggest incorporating a higher fat, moderate protein, lower carbohydrate DAILY lifestyle and keeping ingestion of most of quick burning carbohydrates immediately before and during workouts. By eating in a such a way, your body is now, not inundated with carbohydrates (like the typical "American Lifestyle"), so when you do eat them, you will feel the difference/the quick boost of energy - hence the importance of keeping them around and during your workouts. Ultimately, the best way to get faster, nutritionally, is to fuel with quick burning carbohydrates/sugar -- but, in order to prevent unwanted weight gain and to get the most out of the carbohydrates you're eating, timing is very important.

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