Dr. Adam Rogers: Reagan ChiroSport Recovery Tip

According to an article published in “Medical Science Sport Exercise,” foam rolling is an excellent tool for recovery of intense bouts of exercise. Two of the main benefits mentioned in the article, are lowering muscle soreness and increasing range of motion. So, just because it’s cold outside does not mean you can’t train, and just because it’s not Triathlon season, does not mean you shouldn't take proper recovery precautions. Using a tool like a foam roller is simple and effective. Try doing 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after your training sessions, adding a total of about ten minutes to your overall workout time. Start by focusing on your large muscle group areas like your quadriceps, IT bands, hips, low back, and upper back. Spend a little extra time on any areas that give you problems when you workout. A little muscle hygiene will go a long way in increasing your overall performance and achieving your goals. 

Keeping you in the race,
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