Drills to Improve Your Bike Skills and Speed

Triathlon is Swim, Bike and Run but inherently there is something attractive about having a FAST bike split or the fastest bike split at a triathlon. The bike leg of triathlon is the one sport where you can buy speed as well as find FREE speed.

Free Speed:

  • Pedal Mechanics.  Most people MASH the pedals when they need to be spinning smooth circles.  To improve your pedal mechanics do single leg cycling drills and think about a square for your pedal stroke.  Up your bike cadence.  If you are not riding between 80-100 RPM you are losing speed. 
  •  Bike Handling. Triathletes are notoriously bad bike handlers.  Being able to corner and descend safely and quickly will take minutes off your time and decrease your perceived effort.  To corner better, brake before you enter the turn, start wide and look where you want to go.  If you are able to carry more speed through the turns and hills you will save your legs by not having to push hard to get back up to speed.
  • Ride with a cycling specific group.  Pure cyclists ride differently then triathletes who's goals are to ride at a constant pace.  Cycling pelotons are like living organisms constantly changing, speeding up, sprinting, and taking turns pulling at the front of the group.
  • Head for the Hills.  You may not live in the mountains of Colorado but you can find the biggest hill in your area and do hill repeats on that hill.  Doing these workouts will immediately increase your threshold for cycling.  

Pay for SPEED:

  • Race Wheels
  • Aero Helmet
  • Sleeved, Tight Fitting Tri Suit
  • If you are on a road bike a Tri bike will up your average speed.

If you have more questions about how to improve your cycling you can email me at wes@playtri.com.  If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more, you can go the www.playtri.com/wes