Group Training with Coach Amari Holmes

We sat down with Playtri Coach Amari who leads weekly group workouts out of our Dallas store and asked her why she does it, what is the purpose and how can you benefit.

Q: Is training with a group of people valuable?

A: Absolutely!

Q: What are the ways a person can benefit from training with a group?

A: It provides accountability - If you ask any of my clients they will tell you if they don’t show up for a workout they get a friendly text letting them know they were missed.  It’s so easy to hit snooze in the morning or pass by the gym after work when no one is counting on you to be there.  It’s a totally different story when others are counting on you to show up and join them.

Trust in the plan - It’s incredibly helpful to be surrounded by others when personal improvement and results start showing due to consistency. Gains are often tedious and it’s helpful when you are a part of a group where people are reaching goals.  As each person reaches a goal, it inspires others to push through and reach their goals as well.

Lifelong Companionship - Friendships are built and solidified through the ups and downs of training and often these relationships last much longer than the few weeks or months of the training program.

Q: What value does group training add for new triathletes?

A: As a new triathlete, group training will increase your knowledge and passion for the sport. The people you meet will most likely have similar interests and goals in triathlon which will inspire you even more.  The knowledge you gain will benefit your development as an athlete.

Q: What value does group training add for athletes who have been training for years?

A: Seasoned athletes will gain knowledge from their trainer and others in the program as well as perspective.  The phrase “there is more than one way to skin a cat” is applicable in this scenario as well.  In addition, it can renew an athletes energy and excitement to reach their goals.

Q: How do you personally use group training to help you reach your goals?

A: Training with a group has helped me with my mental and physical weakness on runs.  When I crawl out of bed on Wednesday mornings its so helpful to know there is a group of clients and training partners waiting for me to help kick me into action for 90 minutes.  There is no doubt that they are encouraging me to suck it up, leave the excuses at home, and push myself to new limits all while having a ton of fun!

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