How To Keep Going In The Dark

  It’s that time of year again. The time changes and it gets dark at 3 in the afternoon! Ok, maybe not THAT early but I really dislike this time of year. As an athlete who trains year-round, I love the long summer days when I can ride or run until 8pm if I want to. But here we are, It’s dark when we get off work and it’s hard to get motivated to workout. I’m here to help! I want to share with you a few ways I keep training during the dark months of fall/winter.

Make sure you can see and be seen

   When riding or running at dawn or dusk or in the dark after work, the most important thing is safety. Purchasing lights that are versatile and durable will make sure that you are seen and can see when it gets dark early. Here are some lights I use that are vital to my training:

1. Bike Headlight:

A good headlight can help you be seen and see where you are going! I have been using the Serfas E-Lume 450 and have been loving the ease of use and versatility. It runs off of a USB rechargeable battery so it’s easy to just plug it in when you plug your Garmin in to charge.

It has three brightness levels as well as blinking patterns if you are using it for a safety light. The way it attaches to the bike is very simple and easy to use and can easily be swapped from bike to bike if needed. It also swivels once it is attached so you can easily adjust the direction of the light.

This thing is BRIGHT on its brightest setting. I have ridden with it in total darkness and felt very comfortable going about 15mph on my road bike. The battery life is reduced when using it at its highest setting but even on the highest setting you will have plenty of battery life to make it through a 2-hour ride.  You can get this awesome light at Playtri!

2. Bike Tail Light:

Surfas has also  impressed me with their USB rechargeable taillight. The Surfas Thunderbolt is a very bright and versatile tail light. It has multiple blinking modes and levels of brightness.

Again, when this light is on Its highest brightness blinking mode, you can see it from more than a mile away. The battery life is only about 4 hours at this mode but that is normally long enough for most of us. You can easily attach this to multiple places on your bike and I find myself leaving it on my bike year-round for safety.  You can get this light at Playtri!

3. Running Head Lamp:

When running there is really nothing better than a headlamp to help you see and to be seen. Playtri carries multiple headlamps of different brightness’s and functionalities but my favorite would have to be the Fuelbelt LED headlamp.   It’s light, bright, and the strap works great.

Those are just a few essentials I use, but there are plenty more options out there to increase safety while exercising outside in the dark winter months. Playtri carries a variety of safety products at a great price. My personal favorite product they offer is the “Nathan Lightbender” armband. This is barely noticeable as far as any weight or discomfort goes while running but can be seen really well at dusk or dark. This puts my mind at ease and lets me focus more on performance than just trying to staying alive.

  I hope this gives you some ideas about how easy it really is to keep training in the winter! Even if you’re taking some time off from serious training, don’t let your Netflix and holiday candy get the best of you! Get out there and run or ride safely!