How to run faster, longer with no pain

How to run faster, longer with no pain

In this article I will explain how a running analysis is a HUGE help to your running.

First of all, the right pair of running shoes is a must! Come to Playtri and we can pick the best shoe that fits your feet.  Sometimes shoes are not the solution as at one point or another your form will break down and you will have to correct it – if you don’t you will eventually get injured.

There are three key ways to improve your running form to prevent injury:

1.     Running  analysis – identify areas for improvement or correction for running efficiency and biomechanics (form),

2.     Run drills – develop correct neuromuscular patterns and correct running biomechanics by practicing run specific drills,

3.     Strength training - develops muscle strength or corrects existing muscle imbalances to support you while you are running.

As part of a three part series, we will discuss the running analysis first.  A picture is worth a thousand words; throughout the course of a running analysis: 

1.     The athlete is observed and recorded in their current running form.

Two to three areas of improvement are outlined to the athlete that will improve their running technique to become more efficient and potentially prevent injury. 

2.     Corrective drills/exercises are prescribed and demonstrated within their session. 

While the athlete is shown how to perform the drills, they are recorded performing them so they can see how the drills should be performed when they leave the session. 

3.     The athlete is recorded running after their drill work has been performed.  The “after” is truly the “a-ha” moment for the athlete as they can see first- hand how the drills will help them correct their imperfections and what the desired outcome will look like.

4.     A recorded product is provided to the athlete to use for mental imagery to review prior to each run. 

5.     A follow up appointment is recommended several weeks down the road to assess the progress and continue to move the athlete forward in their running goals.

A running analysis is a great investment and will result in injury prevention and improved running efficiency.  For more information or questions contact coach  Schedule your  analysis at Playtri within the month of February and receive 15% off a pair of running shoes.   For more details on the run analysis visit 

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