Let's Get Flexible!

So, athletes come to me and ask questions and/or statements like....
"My neck is sore after I swim. What can I do to reduce the pain?"
"When can we get a more aggressive/ more aero bike fit?"
"Does it really matter if my transitions are fast for an 70.3 or IM? If so, what do I need to do to get faster when they are almost a half mile long?"
"The winds killed me on the bike.  I felt like I was holding on for dear life and my shoulders were killing me as soon as I got off."
"How do I race closer to my open 5k/10k pace off the bike?"
"About mile 10, I felt like an elephant jumped on my back and I was just holding on for dear life to get through the last 5k."

There are 100's of solutions to each one of these issues.
But my job as a coach is:
1. Look for the most efficient use of your time and money,
2. Keep you healthy, happy, and motivated to live your life to the fullest, and
3. Reach your goals.
In other words, I want to try to solve 80% of the issue with a 6min investment, if and when I can! So, back to my solution to all the statements above and the many more that come my way everyday.... 6min of flexibility/mobility every day.

Everyone always likes to throw around the "let's go do yoga 1x/week for an hr."
Let me show you how this is not the most effective way to spend your time and money.
Most folks stick to yoga on average 5mths out of the year (bc of travel, work, time, family, etc)- on average, you can get someone to commit to driving to a yoga class 5mth out of the year. 4hrs/mth x 5mth= 20hrs of stretching total/yr.

Now, lets go with my solution- 6min/day* 365days/yr= roughly 36.5hrs of stretching total/yr. Not to mention, there is a daily consistency.  It has been said, "Consistency is King!" All of you have been around sport and activity long enough to know that you don't 'push a stretch'. The body moves in continuous motion all day long- I recommend that your stretching/ foam rolling be more of a flow rhythm rather than 'holding a position or on/in a particular tight area.' You honestly cannot go wrong with doing some form of flexibility or mobility for 6min/day- Sure, there are always better ways that we can learn and implement... But regardless start this today!

I mentioned at the run this morning that I am going to hold a group class on Fridays that will be 5-10min dynamic warm up + 25-40min weights + 5-10min stretching and flexibility. If and when you can make it- I know for a fact we will maximize your time by increasing your strength and fitness + Increasing your range of motion and recovery. 

It's time- 6min/day = Healthy & Happy Body!!!

This class is limited to 10 people per class. The class $50 for non-Playtri clients, $45 for all Playtri clients and Playtri team members, and $35 for all certified triathlon coaches.  To reserve your spot in Amari's Flexibility class please email amari@playtri.com