Playtri and Dallas Athletes form partnership


As of September 1st, Dallas-Ft. Worth's most respected multisport companies for the last 13 years, Dallas Athletes and Playtri are now partners.

What does this mean for you, the athlete?

An Improved Race Experience:

Dallas Athletes Racing and Playtri Racing events are a major part of the north Texas triathlon & running calendar. By combining our resources and expertise, we can and will give you a bigger and better racing experience.

An Enhanced Retail Experience:

At the Playtri Stores, we provide top of the line customer service, the most extensive and in depth triathlon retail inventory in the world and with our 3rd and 4th stores in 2014, we will be within 20 minutes of almost all DFW triathletes.

We also offer full metabolic testing, a USAT Certified Performance Center, top recovery services including chiropractic care with Reagan Chirosport, a Cryosauna and Alter G Treadmill, personal training, endless pool swim sessions, bootcamps, nutrition and more to meet the needs of multisport athletes no matter what your goal or your level in the sport.

More Options and Opportunities to Train:

Bringing together our club activities including club workouts, beginner and group training programs and individual coaching will do only one thing - give you more options and a better experience. With Dallas Athletes and Playtri Coaches working together, you will have motivating, knowledgeable coaches available to get you to your goals.

Why after 13-years is there now a partnership?

The timing is right to galvanize the multisport community. The athlete will enjoy better races, more training and coaching options, metabolic testing and fitness options, along with first class treatment from the Playtri Stores. Dallas Athletes and Playtri have always had a similar mission - healthy lifestyle through multisport. Together, we plan to elevate your multisport experience and continue to help spread the health.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we announce the 2014 race schedule along with greater club opportunities, training programs, education sessions and retail updates.