Quintana Roo PR Series Review

I have been riding the Quintana Roo PR6 for about a year now and I get asked all the time how I like it. With the launch of the new PR3 and PR5, I wanted to tell you what I like about each one of these bikes and let you know why I choose the PR6 as my race bike.

Quintana Roo (QR) basically invented the Triathlon Bike. They were one of the first bike companies to really focus on triathletes instead of building a time trial bike (TT bike) and trying to sell it to triathletes. This means that their bikes are designed to be comfortable after a swim and help you run faster after you ride.

Let’s start with the PR3. This is the latest edition to the PR lineup from QR and is really an amazing “entry level” bike. The only reason I say “entry level” is because of the price point not because of performance. I have ridden the PR3 and I can tell you this bike definitely lives up to its name and can absolutely bring you a PR.

While this isn’t a “super bike” it still has many of the same aerodynamic features of the PR5 and PR6. Some of my favorite features are that it still only requires 2 Allen wrenches to completely assemble the bike, and it has the Qbox for storage and aerodynamics.  If you are looking for a fast bike that can compete with the big boys, the PR3 is for you.

The PR5

The PR5 is an amazing machine. While it’s not as decked out as the PR6 it still shares the most similarities at a lower price. You still get the SHIFT+ technology that used to be exclusive to the PR6. It’s a very light frame and has a faster stiffer response to each pedal stroke than the PR3. This bike is powerful and will perform.I love that you can get most of the features of a PR6 without the price tag. If you are a serious athlete or looking to upgrade your entry level rig, the PR5 is for you.

The PR6.

When I was first introduced to this bike, I have to admit that I was reluctant to believe that it could be as fast as any high end bike. I road it for the first time on one of my favorite rides with quite a bit of climbing and I was shocked to see that without increasing my power, I was able to actually PR a few of the climbs. This bike is LIGHT. I cannot over state this. It’s one of the lightest tri bikes I have ever been on. But the great part is that while the frame might be extremely light, you still get a super stiff ride. I don’t mean that it’s a ridged bike that hurts to ride (it’s amazingly comfortable), I meant that you can feel the power transfer with every pedal stroke. Each time you press down, no energy is wasted in flex and you move that much faster forward.

With the new 2017 PR6 you get a completely race ready super bike that will perform as well as any of the top bikes on the market and you can still assemble the bike with 2 allen wrenches. If you travel and race this a super easy bike to pack and put back together. I absolutely love this bike



  • Doesn’t have SHIFT + technology
  • Isn’t as aero as the PR5 and PR6
  • Isn’t as light as the PR5 or PR6


  • Not quite as light as the PR6
  • Doesn’t come with the new integrated stem & top tube storage system
  • Doesn’t have an integrated stem to place it in the “super bike” category


  • Saddle adjustments can be somewhat frustrating just because it takes a while because you have a lot of adjustment options.
  • Front break isn’t integrated into the fork so looks a little clunky but can easily be fixed with a Tri Rig center pull or similar.

These bikes are made specifically for triathletes and that was a huge selling point for me. I like knowing that they had my sport in mind while they designed every detail.  These are great bikes that perform. They can quite literally bring you a PR. Hope this gives you a bit of insight into the PR series from Quintana Roo. You can get all of these bikes from the amazing folks at Playtri! www.playtri.com