Speed on the Bike by Coach Amari Holmes

I use the below Bike Speed Workout with my clients for the following reasons: 

  • It is a great benchmark of fitness for the early season.  
  • It will show how your heart rate and power correlate (how much effort it takes to the produce the same power through fatigue as the session repeats).
  • Last but not least it shows the clients cadence comfort zone (does the athlete mash or work the cadence to produce the same power through fatigue during the workout).


*This workout can be done as shown below or within a long ride, dependent on the your goals or A race.

Warm Up:
5min warm up
5min: 15-20sec pick up pace through high cadence 100+rpm / 40-45sec easy recovery spin

MAIN SET- repeat 3x's:

4min @ 40k effort/ goal watts (mid RP watts)

1min @ IM or training pace effort/ watts

3min @ 40-20k effort/ goal watts (top RP watts)

2min @ IM or training pace effort/ watts

10min @ 20k effort/ goal watts (top RP-HARD watts)

5min recovery spin

Cool Down:
5min easy spin cool down

I like this workout for my clients because it tests the athlete Physically, Metabolically and Mentally.  

  • PHYSICALLY: can they sustain the race goal watts/effort, and at what point in the workout do they breakdown. If the athlete does breakdown that will give me as a coach a better understanding what workouts they need between the benchmark and the race.
  • METABOLICALLY: This workout allows the athlete to practice hydration, electrolyte, and fueling needed for race specific efforts as well as trying different fuel sources and timing of those sources.
  • MENTALLY: Can the client sustain the focus needed throughout the duration of the workout and their race goal

See you on the Bike!