Support those who support you!

Triathlon is an inherently individual sport. But how often do you see someone at a triathlon rolling solo? Not very often… It takes a team to get to the start line of every race no matter if it’s a sprint or an ironman. Everyone has that person they can trust to pick them up in the middle of nowhere after they bonked or got one too many flat tires. That is why this year you should thank your sherpa, significant other, or friend for getting you to the starting line and on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

What many athletes don’t realize is that often, their "sherpa" is just as invested in your race even if they aren’t actually on the start line with you. They have been there for you through every bad workout, every time you had to change plans to better fit your workout/nutrition needs, all the times you said “Honey, we have to go to bed early because I have a long training session in the morning” and last but not least, the dreaded 3AM alarms to make sure you are at transition as soon as it opens. 

Do something for your support team this year by taking the opportunity to race together at the It Takes Two 5K, 10K.  This race will give you the chance to race side by side or as a team. Signing up for a triathlon group-training program together is a great way to get a training partner for life. Or maybe, when the race comes around support them instead of racing. 

If exercise and triathlon are not quite their speed, skip a workout and go on a walk with your significant other or go and grab a beer with your friend.  In the end, as athletes we need to remember that this sport is about more than just the next PR. It is necessary to thank your support crew now and then.

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