Coach Shawna: 30 Minute Holiday Workout

Does the Thanksgiving holiday have you locked up in doors? There is no excuse for not getting a workout in; here are 5 exercises you can do without equipment. I am a proponent of correct form as it prevents injury, so focus on quality.

If you require an explanation on any of the exercises, feel free to e-mail me for clarification or for your bragging rights on completing the workout:

For the first three exercises tempo should be down 1-2, up 1-2:

  1. Body squats – 15
  2. Push ups (can go onto knees if you have to) – 15
  3. Crunches
  4. Mountain climbers – 45-60 seconds
  5. Elbow plank – 45-60 seconds

Take 1 minute break and repeat this 3 times.  Enjoy!

— Coach Shawna is a USAT certified triathlon coach and a Playtri Level 1 Coach. Visit her website at or contact her at