Coach Sam: The Why and What of Bike Fit

The number one reason people are on bikes that fit improperly is simply that they have never had been educated on what a proper bike fit is, and why it is important. A proper bike fit includes a few things, the first of which is an in depth discussion about racing and training goals.

Is the goal simply to finish, or is it to win the race? This is very important because the goal determines how the fitter will position the athlete. An essential part of any fit is pre fit assessment. The pre fit assessment is something that is often overlooked. If an athlete has tight hamstrings or power core strength, that will affect the bike fit and position. Any fit that lacks this essential piece is not complete. Measurement of body angles is the final and most obvious part of the fit. Weather it is the precise tools of a master fitter, or the latest and greatest tools in the industry such as Retul or Shimano. The end result is a bike fit that is built around the athlete’s goals and the athlete’s unique limits. 

At Playtri we make sure to provide only the best fit experience to help get you to your goals. With decades of fit experience, thousands of fits, and the latest technology, Playtri makes it easy.   

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