Wes' Workout of the Week

Have you ever wondered why you are not getting faster or your long runs are not getting easier?  Your run form could be to blame.  Incorporate the following drills and workout into your training routine for improved running speed and efficiency. The workout below is best suited for the track. The focus for this workout is leg position through the drive and recovery phases of running.  

Warm Up:

Light jog for 1 mile.  Incorporate a few speed pick ups. 

Main Set:  All Drills will be performed 15 yards down the track then you will sprint 15 yards back to the starting point. Drill will be performed 3 times through. 

A Skip Run Drill
1/4 Mile at 10K Pace

High Knees
1/4 Mile at 5K Pace

Butt Kickers
1/4 Mile at 1 Mile Pace

Backwards Run
1/4 Mile at 1 Mile Pace

Cool Down:
Light Jog for 1 mile. 

Drill Descriptions:

A Skip Run Drill: The A Skip Run Drill recruits and strengthens the primary muscles used in running including the glutes and hamstrings.  To perform this drill you will skip forward brining you knee up to waist height. Your back leg will stay straight as you come off your toe.  Your arms will maintain the same motion as running.

High Knees: The High Knee Drill will focus on what I call the drive phase of running.  To perform the drill you will drive your leg down and let your leg spring back up to the high knee position. Your arms will maintain the same motion as running.

Butt Kickers: Butt Kickers will continue to recruit and strengthen the glutes and hamstrings as well as increase your leg turn over time to improve speed and efficiency.  To perform the butt kicker drill you should think about the high knee drill but instead of your feet coming straight up you will bring your heels to your butt. Your arms will maintain the same motion as running.

Backwards Run: Like Butt Kickers running backwards will recruit the same muscle groups and increase your turn over speed by forcing your heel to your butt thus allowing for a faster run cadence. To perform this drill simply run in reverse.  The focus should be on standing tall as your will naturally want to lean too far forward.  Your arms will maintain the same motion as running.