Coach Ahmed: Why run in Altra Running shoes?

We talked with Coach Ahmed Zaher on why the Altra running shoe might just be your next run shoe.

What makes the Altra Shoe different than all the other shoes out there?

Altra is the only shoe that offers Cushioned Zero Drop — a foot-shaped, full cushioning without an elevated heel.  This design provides the full advantage of barefoot running, encouraging proper technique, without the stress to the feet that barefoot running can cause-- even on asphalt and concrete.

Why might the Altra shoe be better for runners?

The Altra shoe’s foot-shaped toe box is wide enough to engage all the muscles of the foot, which forces better form throughout even the longest runs. 

Why might the Altra shoe be better for Triathletes?

Triathletes must train for three sports, which makes it a struggle to get in all the miles for each sport.  This means there is less time to develop good form and musculature.  Any equipment that can help maintain good form throughout long mileage is extremely beneficial for reducing stress and injuries such as shin spits, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, etc.

Are there different models of the Altra that you like more, and why?

Paradigm is a neutral running shoe that offers moderate stability and is incredibly light weight, making it ideal for road and trail, as well as ultramarathoners. 

Torin is an updated version with slightly more cushioning and stability.  Both models are ideal for a wide variety of surfaces with the technique and stability support needed for long miles.

Why do you think Altra is having such success in a market that has such long standing major shoe competitiors/companies?

Many competitors have tried to create a shoe that encourages better form on the run, with less load on the body, but all failed due to flaws in design that led to injury or inconvenience to the wearer. Altra and Hoka are the only manufacturers that have succeeded in designing a shoe that makes it easier and faster to stay healthy.  In addition, Altra’s pricing is very competitive.

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