Will you PR this year?

Quintana Roo PR6

MSRP: $8650

The Quintana Roo PR6 i2 is a triathlete’s dream bike.  Quintana Roo built this bike for triathletes.  This bike is an aerodynamic super-bike built for pros and amateur athletes alike.

The frame, the components, and the technology on this bike leave you wanting for absolutely nothing.  The bike frame comes in sizes 48 to 58.5cm and the stock stem/handlebar set up allows for an almost unlimited number of configurations. Basically, this bike can be made to fit practically anyone.  This frame incorporates Quintana Roo’s SHIFT Technology, which shifts the airflow around the bike from the drive side to the non-drive side of the bike.  This leaves the drive train of the bike essentially invisible to the wind.  And did I mention you do not need a doctorate in engineering to work on this bike either?  This bike only requires 2 hex wrench sizes to get built up and running.  

With Shimano Ultegra Di2 coming standard you can guarantee perfect, maintenance-free shifts on even your hardest climbs thanks to the bullhorn climbing shifters.  The PR6 also comes with Reynolds Strike full carbon clincher race wheels.  When this frame is paired with these wheels you can expect a VERY fast ride even during the craziest of conditions.

As for the ride…  What can I say?  This bike is the perfect combination of luxury and performance.  The PR6 offers a very comfortable ride and stellar performance with every push of the pedals.  No matter the route, hilly or windy, this bike will take you to victory.

Ultimately, if you are looking to up your game in 2016, the Quintana Roo PR6 is capable of taking you to your next PR!  

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