You Might Need a Coach IF…

  1. You are new to triathlon and don’t know where to start!  Hiring a coach is hiring an expert to help you map out your road to success.  When you hire a coach, you hire someone who is going to educate you and develop your fitness to reach your goal safely.

  2. You know you should work out.....but it’s raining outside today, so you will probably just sleep in!  Having a coach helps keep you accountable to the steps needed to reach your goal.  It’s easy for all of us to find excuses why we shouldn’t work out.  When you know someone is waiting to review and hear about your workouts it adds accountability and engagement for an athlete.
  3. Your nutrition probably isn’t where it should be.  A knowledgeable coach can provide you with guidance on general and/or race day nutrition to help you fuel for success.  Nutrition is part of an athlete’s overall health and wellbeing.
  4. You can swim, bike and run, so you think you are good to go.  Being efficient in your training is key to your success in the sport.  Efficiency in swim, bike and run helps keep you injury free.  Efficiency in training time enables you to keep balance in life and sport.  A coach helps you do both!
  5. If you run a couple of hours here, bike a few there and swim a few times you should be ready for you first Triathlon.  Many people do not realize there is a physiological progression, muscular endurance and metabolic development to getting to your goal successfully – let us help you!  Individual coaching is specific to you as an athlete regarding your strengths and weaknesses – customized just for you.

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