Zone 3 Aspire Wetsuit Review

Zone 3 Aspire Wetsuit Review

by Elite Amateur Christian Toews

I have been wearing the Aspire by Zone 3 this year and have absolutely loved it. If you are looking for an amazingly comfortable and fast wetsuit without a high price tag, check this suit out!

What I love

The Look – This thing just looks good and fast. I have received several compliments on the suit at almost every race.

The one-piece shoulder panel with no seams - This feature makes your arms feel almost as free as a sleeveless suit. The range of motion is not limited in this suit and it makes it very comfortable during even the longest swim.

The overall feel – This wetsuit feels thinner than what I was used to before but that is a GOOD thing. The back (around the line of the zipper) is a little thicker so that you receive great buoyancy to help with body position but the rest of the suit is made for swimming fast and freely.

The “spring loaded” shoulder design – Zone 3 advertises this “spring loaded” effect in their design. I did notice that my arm turnover was much smoother/faster in the suit than my previous suit and that my arms didn’t fatigue as fast during long open water training swims. 

Bottom line

The Zone 3 Aspire is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable wetsuit that will keep up with the highest end wetsuits on the market. I would recommend this suit to anyone looking.

 Grab yours at Playtri today or head over to and order it online!