Steven Hunt — Level 1 Playtri Coach


About Steven

From the early age of Five, I was participating in every sport there was available. This continued through my youth and High School years and even took me to college at Texas Tech University. 

After graduation, I was fortunate enough to become a Professional Athlete. 

As quickly as, my dreams came true, so came the realities of life; injuries, relationship issues, loss of aging relatives and loved ones,

Life's irony quickly took away what was, my passion. 

The years progressed, until one morning, while looking in the mirror, I realized it was time to make some life changes. I was in my mid-forties, and nearly 100lbs heavier than I was in my athletic prime. Hence the introduction into the Triathlon World. After my first triathlon, a Sprint race, I was hooked. I literally fell in love with the sport, so much so, I became a Certified Triathlon Coach, so that I may help others find there passion. 

Whether you're looking for a change, something new, or just want to begin a healthier life style, allow me to help you find your new passion. 


Coaching Certifications

  •  Playtri Certified Coach