Playtri Cycling Club and Bicycle Race Team



We are the Playtri Cycling Club and Bicycle Race Team.  The team represents the ideals of road riding and racing that Playtri embodies: health, fitness, and a positive attitude towards life.

Join the Club

Looking to join a group of athletes that love cycling and bike racing?  New to the sport and want a community of athletes to train and race with?  With the Playtri Cycling Club and Bicyle Race Team, you will receive great discounts, offerings, and a supportive team to train with throughout the year. If you are looking for a good introduction to the sport of bicycle racing and a great group of athletes to train with, then this level is a good place to start!

Playtri Cycling Club accepts applications year-round.

Playtri Cycling Club Athlete Benefits:

  • 15% off bikes and wheelsets
  • 15% off bikes and wheelsets for up to five family members or friends
  • 15% off all Playtri merchandise
  • Free Standard Tune Up every 6 months on your Playtri race bike

Athlete Requirements:

  • Purchase and wear the Playtri Cycling Club kit at bicycle races and group rides. 

Join the Team

Looking for more commitment to the sport of road racing?  Join the Playtri Bicycle Race Team and have a chance to lead our team and brand to the top steps of the podium.  Not only do Race Team members get exclusive discounts, but you also get access to specific training and knowledge with a team of Playtri athletes and coaches.

Playtri Bicycle Race Team will accept 2018 team applications through December 10, 2017.

Playtri Bicycle Race Team Athlete Benefits:

  • 30% off one bike and wheelset for the athlete
  • 20% off bikes and wheels for up to five friends or family members
  • 20% off all Playtri merchandise
  • Free Standard Tune Up every 4 months on your Playtri race bike

Athlete Requirements:

  • Purchase and wear the Playtri Race kit at bicycle races, group rides, and all team rides 
  • Ride bike and wheels purchased from Playtri
  • Participate in at least 4 races on the team race calendar
  • Participate in a Playtri group ride at least once a month

Apply to Join

So, you've decided that you want to start road racing with the Playtri Race Team, or you want to become more involved with Playtri bicycle riding.  Great!  If you haven't yet, review the team expectations and benefits listed above.  Please answer the following questions in a complete, honest, and thoughtful manner.  These questions will allow us to get to know you.  In short, we're looking for a core group of athletes who are dedicated to developing and improving 1) themselves, 2) the team, and 3) the road riding/race community.  If you think that's you, then we look forward to receiving your application!

A Note on Social Media: Social media use is not required, but highly encouraged and will be taken into account when evaluating your application. Don't tweet or pin your face on your spaces? Not a problem! We understand there are lots of ways that you can promote Playtri and the road racing lifestyle. Make sure to include your social reach below.

Name *
Address *
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Birthday *
If you do not have a current USAC membership, please respond "N/A." Please note that race team members will be required to maintain a current USAC membership.
Only applies if you are a current USA Cycling member.
What is your best racing experience? Worst or craziest racing experience? What got you into riding?