Playtri McKinney CompuTrainer Studio

A complete, 12 unit CompuTrainer Studio powered by PerfPro and knowledgeable Playtri triathlon and cycling coaches.


In-Season Power Maintenance Program

Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30 PM


Bring your own trainer skewer!

Classes limited to 12 athletes - athletes can pre-pay to reserve their spot by calling 469-342-6776 and paying with credit card over the phone.


Course Rides

The CompuTrainer/PerfPro combination can simulate just about any race course, as long as we have a compatible .GPX file for it. Athletes can schedule appointments during business hours to ride the course of their choice.

Rides two hours or less: $15

Rides longer than two hours: $25


Off-Season Base and Build Programs

Details for the 2017-2018 Off-Season coming soon!


Please email with questions.