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Playtri's weekly workouts are designed to give athletes around the DFW area the opportunity to train together in a fun and challenging atmosphere. Our coaches are here to help you enjoy training, while educating you on best practices for triathlon training. 

Club membership options are coming soon - for now, enjoy our line up of free workouts throughout the metroplex!


SAturday Open Water Swims

Open Water Swim at Lake Lewisville Pier 121, every Saturday through September. Lifeguard and coach supported. Free to the DFW endurance community. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to sign a waiver and check-in prior to entering the water.

Beginner and intermediate/advanced groups available - all ability levels welcome.

7:00-8:30 AM

Pier 121 Marina
1481 E Hillpark Rd,
Lewisville, TX 75056


Store Workouts



6:00-8:00 PM Bike/Run Brick

Every week we build on our previous workouts, but expect a combination of hills and speed both on the bike and run. All ability levels.


5:30-7:00 AM Group Run

Every week we build on our previous workouts, but expect a combination of hills and speed. All ability levels.



6:00-7:00 PM Run Drills and speed work.


6:00 AM - Group Ride (18-21 mph) - 25 miles

7:30 AM - Social ride (14-17 mph and 18-20 mph) - 25 miles no drop




9:00 AM Group Rides

20 mile No Drop, 20 mile 17-19 mph, 40 mile 16-18 mph. Wheels down for all rides at 9:00 AM.


6:00-7:00 PM Sprints and Hills Ride

The Windhaven Ride is a "sprinty" drop ride with regroups. The ride is on a 10 mile loop with 4 go zones and every hill is an attack. Regroups are about 5-6 per lap.





5:30-7:00 PM Bike/Run Brick

Wheels down at 5:30, ride is no drop, 12-18 miles depending on how many loops you choose to do on the back end. Run course is 5K, but can be cut down to 2 or 2.5 miles.




Meet in the Rockwall Crossing parking lot in front of the store. Everyone rolls out together, around halfway out the faster group will ramp up the pace and let everyone settle into their pace group. Fast group will do between 33 and 60 miles depending on the day. Fitness group will regroup at the turn around and ride back in together. There are ride leaders depending upon your pace (19-20mph and 16-17mph).

7:30 AM Race Pace Ride 19-21mph

7:30 AM Fitness Ride 16-18mph

fort worth


5:30 AM Bike Drills/Spin Class


5:30 AM Run Drills/Speed Work


6:30 PM 20-25 mile bike ride *spin class if inclement weather*


6:30 PM Run Drills/Speed Work


7:00 AM Free Group Ride(All riders welcome!! Novice, Intermediate, and advances routes)

*spin class if inclement weather*


6:00 AM Group Run/Walk.  5k/10k distances

Workout Disclaimer:  Each athlete is responsible for his or her own safety during any of our workouts taking place from any of the Playtri locations.  Playtri assumes no responsibility for accidents that could happen.