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Raina Luse — Level 3 Playtri Coach


About Raina


It seems that sports have always followed Coach Raina - The passion for endurance sports was there within as far back as she can remember. Starting early in life with soccer, she joined swim team late in elementary school, and proceeded to compete at an elite level for roughly a decade. After completing her 3 degrees in culinary arts, pastry arts, and food & hospitality management, she returned to athletics when she began competitively running as a way to drop the excess weight gained in school. From there, the lifelong goal of becoming an Ironman became the focus, as she moved into multisport.


Realizing that there could be balance in life, and wanting to help others see their fitness goals, she completed her Personal Training certification, and continued her education further by also obtaining her Corrective Exercise Science and Food nutrition Specialist certifications. After almost a decade helping coach athletes of all backgrounds to their fitness goals, Raina enjoys coaching Playtri athletes, specifically the group athletes, to reach their fitness and endurance potential.


Her favorite part of being with Playtri?? “I get to help people get jazzed about multisport and endurance, while seeing them make incredible life changes that carry over into their family life!! Whether it’s through being a leader on the Playtri Race Team, or helping a newbie make it through their first week of workouts, Playtri allows me to make ripples of change. Through fitness, the impact we can make on one’s life is extraordinary! I bleed blue and gold!”




  • Playtri Certified Coach
  • Personal Trainer, NASM
  • Corrective Exercise Science, NASM
  • Food Nutrition Specialist, NASM


  • Individual & Group Training
  • Functional Training/Fitness