All the research shows us that fitness occurs during recovery, so we've got lots of options to help athletes make the most of their training by giving their muscles and cardiovascular systems the best chance to adapt and improve. 

Cryosauna by Playtri


One of the best recovery tools we've found yet, the Cryosauna is available during regular business hours at Playtri Dallas (214) 370-9010 and Playtri The Colony/Plano (972) 306-2000

The Cryosauna consists of an open chamber that lowers the athletes exterior skin temperature from 90.5 to 30-32 degrees Fahrenheit, before rising to approximately 95 degrees, then returning to normal.  This results in increased blood flow to both the muscles and internal organs, sending extra oxygen and nutrients to both, and promoting quicker recovery time.


Single Session


Monthly Pass One Per Day Max


Alter G Treadmill


The most advanced treadmill for enhanced sports performance and physical therapy can now be found at Playtri. The Alter G Treadmill uses a pressure controlled chamber to "unweight" an athlete and allow them to enhance their performance while minimizing the impact on their body. Volume and intensity can be increased without increasing the risk of stress related injuries. Even runners coming back from injury can retain more of their fitness during their rehabilitation. Multiple cameras offer athletes and coaches the ability to analyze form and running mechanics in real-time. Come in and talk to one of our expert coaches about how the Alter G can make you better today. For more information, visit the AlterG website.

$1.00 per minute for 20 minutes
$0.50 per minute after 20 minutes
$250 per month / unlimited time