Scott Dawson — Level 1 Playtri Coach


About Scott


Married, 3 kids

McKinney, TX

As a kid, I played just about every sport there was. Swimming, biking, running… no problem. I didn’t compete in any of these sports. I was just active.

Fast forward 20 years. Life brought me a career, wife, 3 kids, and about 30 more pounds than I wanted. I was still semi-active in that I played softball and rode dirt bikes, but I was not doing any structured exercising.

Then one day, a friend told me about his experience at the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred. It sounded fun. And it was… for about 20 miles. Then stuff got REAL! I spent the next 8 hours in pretty much total agony. My legs hurt. My back hurt. My neck, hands, feet, butt… Everything hurt!!! I had a lot of time to think and pray that day. Some things became very clear. I hadn’t quite gotten the fitness “bug” yet, but I knew I was hooked on that feeling of pride and gratitude that comes with pushing your own boundaries.

My first triathlon was the Kiwanis Sprint in McKinney. I wasn’t trained, but I did it. It too was hard, but I enjoyed it. It made me realize how out of shape I was. And it scared me. I knew I wanted to do more triathlons, so I started training. Not because I wanted to get faster. I mean I did want to get faster. But most of all, I didn’t want to die. I did not want to be lying on the road, getting CPR and mouth to mouth, while wearing spandex and goofy shoes. As I trained, I realized how little I knew about training in general, let alone training for specific events. I began to read and learn. As I learned, I got the “bug”.

Now, I have multiple sprints, Olympics, 70.3s, and 1 full Ironman under my belt. I have learned how to manage training through bad weather, ailments, injury, surgery, and even physical limitations (left leg neuropathy w/ permanent footdrop). And I have learned the value of working with a qualified coach and training plan.

As a Chiropractor, I bring an understanding of the biomechanics, physiology, and nutrition that is necessary to simply complete your first tri or to compete at one’s highest level. I look forward to working with individuals who want to become better versions of themselves -physical, mentally, and emotionally.


Coaching Certifications

  •  Playtri Certified Coach