2018 Playtri Race Team

We are the Playtri Race Team. Our team represents the ideals of triathlon that Playtri embodies: health, fitness and a positive attitude towards life. Our diverse group of athletes have been hand selected by the team captains to represent Playtri in the triathlon community locally, nationally and internationally.

Playtri Race Team


Looking to join a group of athletes that love the healthy lifestyle of triathlon?  New to the sport and want to workout and race with others who enjoy triathlon?  With the Playtri Race Team, you will receive great discounts and offerings, as well as supportive teammates to share the journey with. 

Membership is $150/yr. Applications are accepted all year*


  • 15% OFF all Retail (some exclusions may apply)
  • Team Kit: Tri top, Bike jersey, Playtri t-shirt
  • Complimentary Standard Tune Up once a year on your Playtri bike
  • Complimentary Playtri Club membership


  • Wear Playtri apparel Saturday/Sunday for all training activities
  • Wear Playtri apparel for all endurance competitions (some exceptions made for charity events)
  • Ride bike and wheels purchased from Playtri

* In-house financing available.

Lifetime/Honorary Team Member

Playtri may grant the status of Lifetime/Honorary Membership in specific circumstances intended to reward triathletes who have an overarching role with Playtri and Playtri Racing Team. 

Playtri Ambassador Team


Speak with your Local Playtri Store for details on their Ambassador team Program!



  1. Playtri commitment: Sponsorships will be given to a selected group of athletes that will represent Playtri, an influential national brand. It is expected that you will represent Playtri at all times, which includes (but is not limited to): (1) Competing on a bike and wheels purchased at Playtri, (2) Not racing for any other sponsored program.
  2. Team Apparel: Team apparel must be worn for all endurance competitions. Playtri apparel must be worn to packet pick up/event expos you attend, as well as any award ceremonies.
  3. Volunteer: We strongly encourage race team members to volunteer at Playtri-sponsored triathlon events or, if there are none in your area, at a your local endurance/multisport competitions. The Playtri Race Team has a long-term mission to positively impact endurance sports and grow the brand of Playtri. Get out and spread the word of health and fitness!
  4. Race Reporting: You will be expected to log all your races and volunteer hours on the Playtri Race Team website. This is necessary for USAT/WTC Ironman team rankings as well as determining eligibility for team standings and future membership.
  5. Conduct: Athletes will conduct themselves with integrity, class, and respect towards others at all times. Remember – you are representing yourself, your team, Playtri, and the sport of triathlon when you are racing and training. You are expected to follow USAT standards and race regulations at all times during competition. 
  6. Social Media: We love to see the Playtri Team making a presence on all forms of media. All PR’s, podium finishes, and qualifications should be captured and highlighted to the best of your ability. Please use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc. to celebrate your successes!
  7. USAT Membership: Supporting the triathlon community at the local, regional, and national levels is one of the primary goals of the Playtri Race Team. Members must maintain a current USA Triathlon annual membership. Visit the USA Triathlon website for more information on becoming an annual member.


  1. Bike/Wheel Exchange Program: For athletes currently training/competing on a bike not purchased from Playtri, we will provide trade-in options to assist the athlete in transitioning to a Playtri model.
  2. Bike Maintenance: Athletes will only receive any free tune up benefits (as outlined in their member benefits) on their Playtri race bike. Any required parts will be at the discounted rate of 15%. Athletes are responsible for any additional labor charges. 
  3. Apparel Kit: Race team members will receive team kits as part of their membership. Provided kits are at the discretion of Playtri, but may include cycling jerseys, tri kits, jackets, hats, race belts, tech tops, and/or other items beneficial to competition. Additional items may be available for purchase.
  4. Club Membership: Race team members will receive a free Playtri Club membership for unlimited access to club events and workouts, including open water swim training, group rides and more.
  5. Playtri Facilities: Race team members have free use of Playtri facilities for workouts.
  6. Social: Race team members will have a monthly workout & social with store teammates. 

*Requirements and benefits that appear on this site may be updated as required for sponsor obligations and clarity. Please refer to your Official Team Agreement for complete details on Team Requirements and Benefits.