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Meet Team Gold

Join our distinguished Team Gold on the Playtri Race team and have a chance to lead our team and brand to finish at the top in races. Not only do Gold members get exclusive discounts  but you also get access to specific training and knowledge to train for your event with groups! 


Membership starts at $200/yr

 see details below

In house financing is available




Team gold Perks and Benefits:

  • 30%  OFF bikes and wheels

  • 20%  OFF bikes and wheels for friends and family (groups of five friends and/or family)

  • 20% OFF all retail purchases

  • FREE TUNE UP on Playtri race bikes every 4 months
  • 4 FREE Race Entries  a year + 50% discount a year on Playtri produced listed on
  • 4 FREE 30-minute SWIM ANLYSIS sessions

Join Team Silver

For those looking to take a smaller step into the wide world of triathlons Team Silver is for you! You get a lot of the same great discounts and offerings as Team Gold with half of the work. 

If you are looking for a good introduction to the sport then this level is a good place to start! 

Membership starts at $200/yr

 see details below!

In house financing is available




Team silver Perks and Benefits:

  • 15%  OFF bikes and wheels

  • 15%  OFF bikes and wheels for friends and family (groups of five friends and/or family)

  • 20% OFF all retail purchases

  • FREE TUNE UP on Playtri race bikes every 6 months 
  • 4 FREE Race Entries  a year + 50% discount a year on Playtri produced listed on
  • 1 FREE 30-minute SWIM ANLYSIS session


2018 applications are now open.

Please note that previous team membership does not guarantee 2018 slot
The Playtri Racing Team is the premier and visible representation of a dominating, national brand. We promote health and wellness through a dedication to competition and community awareness
— Ahmed Zaher, Founder Playtri


  1. Playtri commitment: Sponsorships will be given to a selected group of athletes that will represent Playtri, a dominating, national brand. It is expected that you will represent Playtri at all times, which will include, but is not limited to: (1) compete on a bike and wheels purchased at Playtri, (2) if coached, you must have a coach from Playtri and (3) must not race for any other sponsored program.
  2. Team Apparel: Team apparel (racing kits, swim/bike/run training apparel) will cost $200 for each athlete (package value of $1000).  Team apparel is to be worn during all events you compete in during the 2017 season. Playtri apparel must be worn to packet pick up/event expos you attend as well as all award ceremonies. 
  3. Mandatory Races: In total, you will be expected to compete in FIVE regional races (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas). Of the five mandatory races, three must be Playtri team races.  
  4. Finish Races: You are expected to cross the finish line in your team uniform even if it means walking. The only exceptions should be severe injury or illness or mechanical failure beyond repair on the bike.  Be an advocate of mind over matter!
  5. Volunteer: You will be expected to volunteer at TWO Playtri sponsored triathlon events during the 2018 season. The Playtri Racing Team seeks to give back to Playtri, the sport, race directors, and other athletes. We will organize several groups to give you the opportunity to volunteer or you can do so on your own. Get out and spread the word of health and fitness!
  6. Race Reporting: You will be expected to log all your races and volunteering on the Playtri Race Team website. This is necessary for USAT/WTC Ironman team rankings as well as determining eligibility for team standings and future membership.
  7. Team Commitment: Each athlete will be expected to participate in (1) monthly group workout/social activity, as well as giving back to the community. You will also be expected to lead one group activity and/or committee in 2018.
  8. Conduct: You are to conduct yourself with integrity, class, and respect at all times. You represent yourself, your team, Playtri, and the sport of triathlon when you are racing and training. You are expected to follow USAT standards and race regulations at all times during competition. 
  9. Social Media: We would love to see the Playtri Team making a presence on all forms of media. All PR’s, podium finishes, and qualifications should be captured and highlighted as much as possible. Please use your own Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc. to celebrate your successes!!
  10. USAT Membership: Supporting the triathlon community at the local, regional, and national levels is one of the primary goals of the team.Team members must hold a current USA Triathlon annual membership. Visit the USA Triathlon website for more information on becoming an annual member.


  1. Bike/Wheel Exchange Program: For athletes that do not currently own a bike that was purchased at Playtri, Playtri will do a trade on 1 bike that you will use for racing.
  2. Athlete Discount: Athletes will receive a 20% discount on all Playtri services, testing, merchandise, recovery services, and gear for the entire sponsored race year. *Excludes coaching and some electronics. Discounts to recovery services do not include Reagan Chirosport.
  3. Bike Maintenance: Athletes will receive 4 free Race Ready bike services on their race bike. Any required parts will be at the discounted rate of 20% off. Athletes are responsible for any additional labor charges.
  4. Apparel Kit: For an investment of $200, athletes will receive an apparel kit package valued over $1000. Items of the kit are at the discretion of Playtri but may include bike jerseys, jacket,visor/hat, race belt, race suit and more. Athletes will receive customized racing kits.
  5. Club Membership & Swim Analysis: Athletes will receive a free membership to the Playtri Club for unlimited access to club events and workouts.
  6. Race Fees: Athletes will receive free race entries for the following races:
    • It Takes Two Run Race
    • Luck of the Irish
    • Playtri Festival
    • Stonebridge Tri
    • Team members receive a 50% Discount off all the other Playtri produced races (listed on the Playtri website).  ***There are a few races that Playtri sponsors (but not produce) and the codes will not work for those.
  7. Kid's Races: The children of Team Athletes will receive free entry to Playtri-owned kid's races provided that the Athlete volunteers at 1 additional Playtri-sponsored race per child entry in addition to the 2 required volunteer activities for team membership.
  8. Playtri Facilities: Free use of Playtri Facilities for workouts.
  9. OWS: A coached and fully supported OWS each week during the season (April-Sept)
  10. Workouts: Access to Playtri’s group training & free workouts. Indoor Computrainer and Spin Class workout opportunities during the off-season
  11. Social: Monthly Workout & Group Social with store teammates.  Quarterly Team Socials around DFW. End of Year Celebration with awards!!!

* Requirements and benefits that appear on this site may be updated as required for sponsor obligations and clarity. Please refer to your Official Team Agreement for complete details on Team Requirements and Benefits.

Please note that previous team membership does not guarantee 2018 slot.

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