Playtri Youth & Juniors Team Programs

We believe that young athletes thrive in an environment suited to their age and ability level. For this reason, we have a wide range of team programs available to our athletes in order to pair them with coaches and other athletes who will allow them to develop at their own pace. Price may vary between locations based on facility costs.

Different team locations will offer different programs - please check the Locations page for available programs in your location.



Club Teams usually practice twice a week, with days and times depending on the team location - most Club Teams will have one swim practice and one bike/run practice each week, though swim practices may depend on facility availability locally. Club Teams are generally open to athletes race age 6 to 15. 

Athletes joining the program must be able to ride a bike without training wheels and swim 25y (from one end of a standard lap pool to the other) without stopping (they do not have to swim a proper stroke).


Youth Competition Teams (YCT’s) are structured similar to many youth sports, with athletes race age 7-15 being placed on teams based on age and ability to give them further development opportunities. Most YCT’s will practice 3 to 4 times a week, and will have various team standards (times, skills, age, etc.) depending on the current program make up. Check with your location to see if they have a YCT program in place.

USAT High Performance Team

Our USAT High Performance Team (HPT), Team Playtri Elite, is a national youth & junior elite development program designed to function as a first step in the Olympic pipeline for triathlon. While it is based out of McKinney, TX, distance membership is available to out-of-town athletes, and comes with training schedules and summer camp opportunities.

Learn more about our HPT on our Team Playtri Elite Page.