Ironman Tips


Having a great race days requires focus on both yourself and your equipment.  Playtri has created some tips to help ensure your equipment is as ready as you are for Ironman 70.3 Texas race day.

Swim Specific Tips:

  • Bring at least two pairs of goggles with you. Consider different lens tint options on each pair to protect from glare.  You can’t predict where the sun will be once you start the race, so it’s best to be prepared.
  • Take both your speed suit and wetsuit so that you are prepared for whatever the water temperature ends up being on race day.
  • Use body glide or Tri Slide on any areas that a wetsuit or speed suit might rub/chafe.

Bike Specific Tips:

  • Having multiple pairs of sunglasses with lens tint options will help you prepare for the weather. It may be cloudy or sunny, so having multiple options alleviates the need to work and ensures good vision out on the road.
  • Keep in mind, sunglasses without a top rim allow an athlete to stay in the aero position without straining their neck to see ahead.  This will keep potential cramping and discomfort at bay on the bike and the run.
  • Using slime in your tubes can help prevent flat tires.  If you end up with a flat, slime can help you get to transition without having to take the time to change a flat.  With that said, make sure you know how to change a flat and be sure to test your CO2 cartridge to ensure that you know how to use it.  Its also important to carry an extra CO2 cartridge just in case the one you have ends up not working or you accidentally let the air out without being properly connected to the valve.
  • If you are using race wheels, make sure you have the right valve stem length/extension for your spare tubes and are comfortable changing them.
  • After transporting your bike to the race via car or plane, check the shifting and brakes to make sure everything is in good working condition.  If there are any issues, bring the bike immediately to the Playtri Bike Shop at the Expo so we can get you taken care of.

Run Specific Tips:

  • Choose a tri/race suit with the following things in mind: 
    • Consider the amount and placement of pockets in the suit you purchase.  You need easily accessible pockets to store nutrition/salts.
    • After roughly 57.2 miles, your shoulders and core will not have the same range of motion as they did when you first tried on the suit, so keep that in mind before you make the purchase.
    • A tri suit with a front zipper may be better.  This will give you easy access to place ice or cold wet sponges inside your suit to cool you off in warmer temperatures.
  • Test arm coolers if you are concerned about heat affecting you on race day.  They can help keep you cooler on hot sunny days..
  • Use good, dry tech socks (like Swiftwick) to prevent blisters/chaffing on the run.

Nutrition and Hydration Tips:

  • Always have extra nutrition and salt tablets in your transition bag just in case you need them during the race.  
  • The best way to store your nutrition on the bike is a bento box that carries enough nutrition and is easy to access.  
  • An aero drink system can make you faster, but more importantly, it is in your face and a constant reminder to hydrate.  

Accessory tips:

  • Remember body glide or a similar product to prevent chafing.
  • If you race with a heart rate monitor, power, etc. make sure your computer is fully charged for race day and has enough battery life to last through the whole event.

Prepping for an emergency:

  • Creating solutions is the name of the game in 70.3 and 140.6 distances.  
    • Make sure you have at least one extra disposable water bottle on hand.  
    • If you wear contacts, put an extra pair in your transition bag in case one is lost mid race.  
    • Always consider putting extra Body Glide, lip balm with SPF, a small tube of sunscreen, and an extra pair of quick drying socks in case of rain in your transition area/bag.
    • A small towel will let you dry or dust off your feet/ hands prior to putting on gloves and/or socks.

Have more questions?  Text Playtri at 214.738.8737, stop by a Playtri store or by the Playtri Expo booth race weekend and we can help you there too.