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Knowing your body is the first step to better athletic performance. Testing gives you the data you need to reach your potential and overcome any challenges you face in pursuit of your goals. From your heart rate zones to your bike fit to detailed swim analysis, we can help you maximize your performance.


  • Determination of sodium-to-water ratio in the individual athlete's sweat
  • Includes personalized hydration plans (specific water and sodium intake recommendation)
  • Precision Hydration electrolyte products make it easy and price point friendly to follow your individual plan

Strongly recommended for all athletes pursuing health or performance, but especially recommended for those pursuing long course or competitive short course goals.

Precision Hydration Sweat Testing


Bike & Run Heart Rate/Power Zones

  • Determination of individual training heart rate zones using blood lactate protocol
  • 15 years of in-house research and testing backing up our proprietary testing protocol
  • Bike heart rate tests include power zones

Strongly recommended for all athletes trying to work within or create a structured training plan. Required for individually coached Playtri athletes.

Bike or Run Heart Rate Zone Testing


Calorie Expenditure TESTING (BIKE, RUN & ROW)

  • Indirect calorimetry test to determine hourly calorie burn for a range of HR's specific to the individual athlete's training and racing zones.
  • Includes break down of total calories with specific fat versus carbohydrate data
  • Includes Vo2 max
  • Rowing test only available at Playtri McKinney

Strongly recommended for long course athletes, and those looking to maximize recovery nutrition protocol for high level training.



Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

  • Measures current Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), which provides a baseline caloric intake for daily nutrition

Strongly recommended for any athlete trying to manipulate or intentionally maintain body weight, and those looking to maximize recovery nutrition protocol for high level training.

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing


Swim Analysis

  • Swim in our Endless Pool while an experienced triathlon swim coach observes your technique as it applies to your individual goals, strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn your biggest technique limiters and how to fix them - we believe that not all swim strokes have to look the same, but there are certain principles that can and should be applied to every swimmer to increase efficiency and power

1-hour Swim

(Free for Playtri Club members)

1-hour Coached Swim


1-hour Coached Swim w/DVD and Analysis


Bike Analysis and Fit

  • We believe that effective and sustainable bike power/position comes from a combination of fit, individual build/strength/mobility, and cycling technique - the perfect marriage of all three is always our goal
  • Whether it is a fit or a coached session, expect to have multiple key areas for improvement addressed by the coach you are working with - the coach will go beyond the basics, and may recommend not only cycling drills or fit adjustments, but also stretches, foam rolling exercises, chiropractic adjustment, strength exercises and more based on your needs

Retul Bike Fit


Standard Bike Fit


1-hour Coached Bike


Run Analysis

  • Have your run examined by a professional triathlon run coach for limiters as they pertain to your individual goals
  • We believe that there is more than one "right" way to run, but that there are certain principles which apply to all run techniques
  • Your coach will give you specific drills and guidelines to address limiters identified during your session so that you can continue to progress towards your goals long after your session is over

1-hour Treadmill Use

(Free for Playtri Club members)

1-hour Coached Run


Run Analysis w/DVD


AlterG Treadmill

$1/min for first 20 minutes
$0.50/min after first 20 minutes
$250/month unlimited use

Schedule your testing by contacting the store closest to you or email MORGAN@PLAYTRI.COM.