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Playtri Race Team

We are the Playtri Race Team. As sponsored age group athletes, the team represents the ideals of triathlon that Playtri embodies: health, fitness, and a positive attitude towards life. This diverse group of athletes has been hand selected by team head coach Ahmed Zaher and the team captains to represent Playtri in the triathlon community and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex at large. 


Meet the Playtri Leadership Team

The Team director and Store Captains


Pictured here: 

Team Captain: Victoria Munoz-Coffee

Colleyville Captain: John Hohnstreiter

Colony/Plano Captain: Mike Hughey

Dallas Captains: Debi Berg and Ryan Reynolds

Ft. Worth Captain: Brandon Konen 

Mckinney Captain: Amber Motsney

Rockwall Captain: Tim Heresmeyer 

Communications/Social Director: Jennifer Stokey Chandler

Team Director: Jameka Briggs 

Ahmed Zaher
Team Head Coach


Join the Team

The Playtri Race Team accepts applications for sponsorship at the end of each triathlon season. We look for athletes who are willing to go above and beyond the average age grouper to support the Playtri brand and the triathlon community at large.