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Swim Coaching

Playtri Swim Coaching uses a state of the art endless pool outfitted with underwater cameras and two mirrors positioned in the pool to give the athlete instant feedback while they are swimming.  These cameras are positioned to see all angles of your swim stroke.  This allows our coaches to highlight your personal swim deficiencies and correct them.  During the session a Playtri coach will asses your swim stroke then give you drills to improve your stroke mechanics.  

Swim Foundation Training - $150

A four week intensive course for beginner to intermediate swimmers

If you are a new swimmer, or hoping to improve your efficiency in the water for the season, now is the time to adjust and refine your stroke! Join us for a four week "back-to-basics" review of the freestyle swim stroke where we will discuss and implement effective body position, proper kick and stroke mechanics, efficient breathing practices and more. At Playtri we have worked for almost two decades to develop a freestyle training approach that is specifically designed to make athletes successful in the open water.

Colony Aquatic Park Indoor Lap Pool
5580 N Colony Blvd
The Colony, TX 75056

Dates and Times:
July Session, Saturdays 9:30-10:30 AM (July 28th - August 18th) - Click Here to Register

*For the duration of the Swim classes, you can attend our Playtri Club Open Water swim practices.

Run Coaching - video run analysis and drills for improvement - $100

Playtri Run Coaching will start with an initial consultation to review past injuries and running deficiencies. Athletes will then run for a Playtri coach and the coach will asses the running gait.  The coach will then prescribe specific drills and teach the athlete how to properly perform the drill to improve the athletes run form. Learn more about our Run Analysis. Email to schedule.

Bike Coaching

Playtri Bike Coaching will consist of an initial consultation to review cycling weakness. This will allow the coach to design a workout to help improve your specific weaknesses.  The coach will then lead you through the workout to ensure you understand all drills and push you above and beyond your current abilities.  Email to schedule.


Two Athletes

Three Athletes

Four or more athletes

$90 Per Hour $75 Per Hour $65 Per Hour $55 Per Hour