Fit4Adventure Recap


In May 2018, Ahmed and I traveled to Majorca, Spain with Fit4Adventure. We chose this group because we have known Diane Golden, the owner, for a long time and trusted that we would have a great experience. To say she didn’t disappoint would be an understatement. The trip was seamless, the riding was amazing, the group was fun and we had so much fun we plan to return in 2019.




If you enjoy cycling through beautiful countryside on the coast of Spain, then this is your trip!

 It was a great opportunity to build our base, get some great hill climbing in as well as hang out and get to know cycling enthusiasts from all over the world. There were 5 different ride groups to accommodate those at different riding skill levels - all with ride leads and SAGS. Everyone had a great attitude, were extremely supportive and we stopped at great coffee shops along the way to get refueled. We have been on a few different cycling tours over the years. If you are looking for the opportunity to have some fun enjoyable, but sometimes challenging rides, there is a group for you. If you are looking for hardcore, fast pace riding, there is a group for you. Then we all meet back at the pool for group dinners.

If you are looking for an athletic vacation, check out Fit4Adventure. They do an excellent job in pre-planning and event execution. If you are specifically looking for a cycling trip, I can’t recommend Majorca enough. 

Reserve your spot today - it’s never too late to plan your next adventure!