How One-on-One Coaching Helped Me Improve

My name is Victoria Coffee and I am from Dallas, Texas. My Playtri coach is Beth Jones. Beth has been my coach for the past 2 years. Under her coaching, I have achieved my most challenging triathlon goals. First being completing my first IRONMAN in 2018 and second would be qualifying for the 2019 70.3 IRONMAN World Championship in Nice, France.

I first met coach Beth at the Dallas Playtri store while participating in one of the group training programs as I was training for my first 70.3 IM race. Beth’s expertise in triathlon, collegiate swimming background and positive outlook, led me to requesting her as my personal Playtri coach. Having Beth as my coach drastically improved my swimming, biking and running. I have also learned the importance of key elements such as form, nutrition and rest.

At the end of each triathlon season, we meet to discuss and plan my goals for the next season. During this time, Beth captures my “A” races and builds a training plan around my schedule and resources. Beth follows the Playtri methodology of “quality workouts over quantity”. A key element to quality workouts is performance testing. With Beth I conduct bike and run heart rate testing to ensure I am training and racing at the correct intensity levels. Following workouts, Beth reviews my power, heart rate and nutrition profiles to monitor the way my body is responding to each workout and to determine my progress. Beth also uses the profiles to create my race day plans.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be coached by Beth because of her swimming background. The swim is my biggest area of opportunity. Beth conducts my swim analysis and creates workouts targeted to improve my technique and speed, based on the areas of needed improvement.

Having a Playtri Coach has made me a more confident racer. Leading up to each race I feel reassured with a peace of mind, knowing that I have completed a quality training program and am ready to take on whatever the race day may bring.

~Victoria Coffee

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