John's First Triathlon ~ Luck of the Irish

My first race at the Luck of the Irish was exactly what I thought it would be.....a total blast! I started to get nervous a couple of days before but I knew I was prepared due to all the training and clinics with Playtri McKinney.


The swim went well although I had to take a couple of quick breaks to catch my breath and I learned that getting blocked in a lane is a real thing. However, this being my first race, I didn't want to try any aggressive maneuvers to pass and get kicked in the face.


For my transitions I was fortunate to have an easy to see end spot which helped a great deal since I was pretty oxygen deprived from the swim. The transition went smooth but I did take extra time to make sure I had everything I needed.

The bike is my strongest event and as expected I passed most people on the course at that time. I was a little concerned about the passing rules and the possibility that someone might pull out in front of me, so I utilized the screaming ON YOUR LEFT quite a bit lol. One thing I learned is that it's better to keep a steady pace and not kick it into high gear on the last mile.


The first half of the run was pretty brutal. The hard push on the bike had my legs totally blown up and I felt like I was wading through a swamp. Fortunately, they began to loosen up and my pace picked up all the way through the finish. Speaking of the finish, I was once again pretty disoriented from a lack of oxygen and went the wrong direction after crossing the line. However, Amber Motsney was kind enough to redirect me and take my timing timing chip off. That's why I call her Mama Bear : )


Overall it was the best racing experience I have ever had......and I have done a lot of racing in a lot of sports. So you could say the Triathlon addiction is a real thing. I'm already thinking about how I can train better and smarter for the next race. Most of all, I love the people and coaches at Playtri. Training with my friends Amber, Anca, Jodi, Mark, Emily, Ruben, Evan and many more made the suffering a joy. A big thank you to my coaches Eric, Morgan and Anca for always encouraging me and bringing me so far in a short period of time!


Way to go John! We are so proud of you!!