10 Reasons to get RETUL/GURU BIKE FIT

Top 10 Reasons YOU should get a RETUL/GURU BIKE Fit at PLAYTRI:

1)    You will be more comfortable and efficient riding your bike.

2)    You can maximize your power and endurance with an optimal position.

3)    You can prevent injuries - the right alignment prevents knee and back issues.

4)   Because chamois butter is an accessory, not a necessity.

5)    Because riding on the hoods isn’t aero.

6)    You gain more control of the bike.

7)    Because that numbness in your hands and groin isn’t a good thing.

8)    You’ll gain confidence in your equipment as a complete equipment check is part of the evaluation

9)    You can get a custom bike without the custom price.

10)    Because your saddle should be your friend not your enemy.

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Get all the details of a RETUL/GURU BIKE FIT watching our 90-second video or at www.playtri.com/bikefits/

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