Hello Recovery Workout! Why training less than TP is beneficial

If science shows us that we should spend NO MORE than 30% (at the very most) in anaerobic training on a YEARLY basis- then logically, you can understand the stress (albeit good stress) that it puts on the body and mind. 

On the flip side of the coin- that means our body DEMANDS recovery...

How do we in Playtri define recovery (not aerobic effort but true recovery efforts)= <TP OR <ZONE 1/2...  what, when, why, how is <TP beneficial???


1- "Why the HELL am I/ are you wasting my time doing this easy of a workout?"

We are looking to increase mental, metabolic, and muscular recovery.

There is plenty of research that has shown that easy sessions will increase performance/ quality of harder/longer workouts + stimulate fat efficiency (esp digestive health, which as we have previously discussed equates to IMMUNE FUNCTION- huge as we age!) + relaxes the body to maintain balance and psychological well being.

2. "If it is about recovery, why am I just not taking the entire day off- Aren't these just crap miles?"

Easiest visualization of the body= IT IS ONE MASSIVE PUMP- blood flow, oxygen/ carbon dioxide exchange, digestive tract....

It craves and operates at its HEALTHIEST when it is PUMPING consistently and for the most part steadily.

That said- active recovery workouts at the very least= increase blood flow and pushes "FRESH" oxygen throughout the entire body.

The athlete that likes to ride the line RIGHT UNDER where their aerobic efforts begin (TP or mid Zone 2)- these are the athletes are the ones who later in the year start to breakdown and many times lead to injury, lower immune function/ illness, or lack of motivation to get even a short workout in...

In other words, not worth it in in the long run!!!

3. "But is there a time when taking off an entire day might be more productive?"

FOR SURE!!! More bc we need or crave just a day... if you are like me I need to run errands, go to brunch, sleep in, family/ friend fun, travel :)...

We need to keep a balance, This is why I have recently / strongly encouraged athletes to give me specific day(s) of the week that they would like to have off when doing their schedules.  Ideally we would see 5-6days/ week of consistent training, dependent upon the individuals goals and commitments (even if it means only 30min/day- my job= maximize your time and energy so that you may live a healthy and active lifestyle).

Again, workouts should be A PART of a fun and fulfilling life!

4- "What does EASY really mean- how fast should I go?"
Bike: <TP/ < Zone 1-2= both heart rate (the effort you put into the workout) AND power (the efficiency your effort- reminder, low heart rate but high power/ fast pace means you are either recovered OR your fitness has elevated- these are simple internal factors. 

Yes, you may need to be in your easiest gear- GREAT work easy gear/ high cadence- this is a recovery workout!

Run: <TP/ <Zone 1-2 heart rate AND at least 2min SLOWER than your threshold pace.

Ex: 7min pace on 10k at 160bpm, EASY= at least 30bpm below TP heart rate AND no faster than 9min pace

(Hr rates discrepancy may vary based on testing)

(***Also could also vary based on different terrain, lower winds, more shade, lower temps... tons of outside factors. Partly why pace and hr rate are used)

Yes, you may have to walk- GREAT work form and staying relaxed- this is a recovery workout!

5. "But I can go faster than this and it seems too easy!"

Consider these:

A. Check with your coach/ consider retesting- they/ you should absolutely be able to review multiple files that will reveal whether or not this is necessary.

B. Think BEYOND today / look beyond your nose- if you or your coach has scheduled an easy day- most likely, a harder day is around the corner.

C. No one cares how fast you can go on your EASY DAYS. Let everyone comment on how slow you were going, you will show them when it counts :)

D. Again, consider the goal of the workout- you should simply feel and be completely REFRESHED after this type of workout!!!

Here's to staying healthy both in mind and body through the easy days~

Happy Training!!!