Mental Training & Motivation

"Ironman is more than just a race to test their bodies, but a culmination to a commitment, made a long time ago!"- Ironman 2017.

I absolutely love everything about this quote.  It is a beautiful reminder that everything great in life, that we decide to thrive in, takes relentless dedication.

When we are willing to establish our goals (because goals do take guts), we are agreeing on a pact or unspoken contract that we are willing to do whatever it takes.
Reality check, goals demand responsibility. 


So, what happens when you flinch at the obligation and start to dig your heels in, finding little motivation to do what you said you wanted to do???

Motivation is not something you can fake.  

But let me suggest that instead of getting caught up with your personal resistance, challenge your allegiance and point your attention to what you can do.


Check out these 3 aspects and you will find a new gear and a mental edge in your training.


Any time you are willing to eat better, you will FEEL better.

I could really over complicate this one, but let's keep it super simple:

A. Add greens to every meal. 

B. Pull out from your diet anything that comes from a bag, bottle, or box. 

C. Drop the alcohol. It is no secret, alcohol is a depressant- are you really shocked that drinking one too many suds can mentally take away from your focus???  

Ultimately you control what goes into your body- EAT to feel your BEST!



Most of us don't give sleep the credit it deserves.  Watch a toddler who missed his nap or is sick, their last resort is to have an absolute melt down in the grocery store.

Why? Because they don't feel good and they can't find a solution to their frustration... guess what, we too have our own mini-meltdowns when we don't take care of ourselves and this will absolutely impact your consistency and drive. When you are having these moments and are struggling to stick to the commitments of your goal, make sure you have what I call, a rally routine.  

Instead of simply skipping the workout and heading out for happy hour or reaching for the basket of fries, pull together 2-3 recovery methods and prep your body for the task tomorrow.

EX: foam roll for 15min, take a 20min nap, hop in the cryosauna, grab a massage, sit in the sun for 20min, take your dog for a walk... on and on.

This isn't only about the physical strain of training but it greatly reduces the mental stress and will motivate you back to your inward agreement and goal.



My mom used to say, "Surround yourself with people better than yourself... if those around you are 'winning', you too 'will win' one day... "

There is absolutely nothing wrong with removing people, places, and things that bring a negativity or distraction into your life when you are attempting 

to do something you have never done before.  

In the same breath, this is a journey and part of its richness will come from being surrounded by like-minded individuals who demand that you too bring positivity to the table and a special energy to sharpen one another.  

This year, outside our normal Wednesday morning runs, I have started to create small squad workouts within my clients schedules.  They know the accountability to one another, they honor the challenge of pushing one another, and they leave the complaining at the door- they are there to work!

Find your tribe and ditch those that accept or even encourage you to be less than what you can be.


Just because you are struggling, and you will have days that you will battle yourself and your goals, focus on what you can do!

This is the mental edge that you won't find in a sports psych office- rather I dare you to redirect your energy and time to what you can control.

"Where your mind can go, your body will follow."