Part 1: Fall / Winter Considerations in your Training Plan

So, maybe you just completed your first tri season, nailed your A race, and/or are already looking forward to 2019’s race season. 
What now?!?
Many triathletes get into a rut of either just laying this time of the year completely down or assume they should jump right into ‘base training’. 
Reality they forget and miss out on several aspects of yearly planning that will maximize their time, energy, and efforts in the “off season”. 

It’s been a long season (here in the south, nearly 8months of potential racing!).
You have asked a lot out of your family/friends, body, mind, & yes- sometimes you even left your soul out on the course(s).

With the fall/winter, the weather can be pretty rough, the days are shorter, professionally with the year ending- you might have a few projects to close up that need more attention, you have likely cut into a bit of your family/friend time, and truthfully you need some time to increase recovery mentally, muscularly, and metabolically.

We always recommend athletes take a step back (notice I did not say ‘step out’) and refocus on their personal priorities and first address weaknesses outside of swim, bike, and run. 

Few things I encourage athletes to do through the fall/winter:
* Increase sleep/sleep quality
* Make family / friends a priority again, weekly!
* Increase adventure and cross training
* Reduce sugar intake and return to quality nutrition/ listen to their body’s hunger and satiety signals 
* Increase massage/ chiropractic care- yes, you read that right 
* Reduce total training volume and let go of the metrics

There are many more factors that increase your recovery rate from the triathlon racing season- your goal, find your ways/modes that will bring back your bounce and balance.

Happy Training!
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