The 411 on Race Wheels ~ What You Need to Know

Ahmed Zaher

Need some cycling speed for your upcoming race?   Race Wheels provide a great opportunity to gain some speed fast.  Let us help you find the right wheels for your race.

How do you determine the right race wheel for you? In general, carbon race wheels provide more comfort as they absorb the vibration of the road so that you are able to hold your power longer and have a better run.  The deeper the rim of the wheel, the more aerodynamic you are.  With that said, you have to take into consideration windy conditions, especially cross winds, because the deeper the rim of the wheel, the more wind affects control of the bike.  Cross winds create instability for the bike so you have to engage your core to stabilize the bike and need better bike handling skills.  

Here are our top three recommended wheel combinations.  *Remember that these are general rules so if you fall under multiple wheel sets or aren't sure what is right for you, stop by a Playtri store near you, hit us up on social media or email us at  We can help you decide the right wheel set for you based on your cycling skills, your goals and your race course! 

Zipp 404 Front / Zipp 404 Rear

  • Average Speed 16 mph and under

  • Weighs under 140 pounds

  • Novice Bike Handling Skills

Zipp 404 Front / Zipp 808 Rear

  • Average Speed 16 - 20 mph

  • Weighs 140 - 180 pounds

  • Intermediate Bike Handling Skills

Zipp 808 Front / Zipp 808 Rear

  • Average Speed 20 mph and over

  • Weighs 180 pounds and over

  • Excellent Bike Handling Skills

Watch the video to learn more about Race Wheels on Playtri TV: The 4-1-1 on Race Wheels Video

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