Sports Nutrition for Youth Athletes


It's time to turn to one of my favorite nutrition gurus, Coach Bob Seebohar of eNRG Performance and Teens that Tri. 

I wish we had more time to talk about nutrition at our team practices. There are so many components to developing healthy athletes, and nutrition is one that naturally happens primarily at home. I hope that the following article will give each of you some practical guidelines to help your young athlete in this part of their journey.

"Sports Nutrition for Youth Athletes" by Bob Seebohar

I also highly recommend Bob's book Sports Nutrition for Young Triathletes, which you can purchase at your local Playtri Store. This is a practical guide for young readers (probably age ~11 and up if they are reading it on their own) on how to create good nutrition habits that will benefit their current and long-term athletic performance and general health. 

Do you have healthy recipes that you love for fall and winter? Make sure to share them with your coach so we can post them to the team Facebook for the whole team to enjoy!

Happy eating,

Coach Morgan