Swim Equipment Checklist

Swimming is more than just jumping into a pool and staring at a black line. There are several tools and equipment every swimmer needs to be successful!

Here is our recommended swim equipment checklist:



1.     Brand new googles have anti-fog in them that lasts 6 weeks

2.     Once the anti-fog stops working I recommend foggles that lasts 1 week

3.     The longer you go without rubbing your goggles with your finger the longer your goggles will last

4.     Depending on the condition of your goggles you should probably replace them every 4-6 months

Speed suit:

1.     Allowed in non-wetsuit triathlons

2.     Provides aerodynamic resistance

3.     Eliminates drag

4.     You just feel FAST!


1.     USAT rules states that competitors may wear a wetsuit if the water temperature is 78 degrees or lower.

2.     USAT rules also states that if the water temperature is between 78.1-83.9, competitors may wear wetsuits but will not be eligible for awards.

3.     Full sleeve option and a sleeveless option (recommend trying both and deciding on the one you feel more comfortable in)

4.     The buoyant neoprene in a wetsuit will help the swimmer swim higher in the water, decreasing drag and increase swim speed.

More Pool Equipment to get faster and have some fun!

1.     Paddles- helps strengthen arm muscles and correct hand placement

2.     Fins- helps with floatation, speed and strengthen legs

3.     Pull buoy- helps with flotation and allows you to focus solely on your pull

4.     Snorkel- helps with freestyle form by taking the breath stroke out of it

5.     New Wave buoy- open water swimming flotation device for safety

6.     Ear plugs- helps prevent swimmers ear

7.     Nose clips- helps keep water from getting in your nose (great when using a snorkel)

8.     Swim Cap- helps keep hair out of your face (highly recommend silicone…very soft)

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Happy training!!