The whys, when’s, how’s of Smart Trainers and Power Meters

WHO is using a power meter / smart trainer?
The better question is: who isn’t using one! Right now there are so many apps available to the athlete, from recreational to professional alike, that are taking their cycling to the next level. And what’s even cooler, many of these apps are allowing you to ride ‘alongside’ the greatest in sport.
Name dropping here: Jan Frodeno (Olympic GOLD medalist), Lional Sanders (2nd place IM World Championships), Kristen Armstrong Savola (3x Olympic Time Trial Gold Medalist)... you catch the drift- road, gravel, time trials, mountain bike specialists, triathletes...everyone is doing :)

WHY are they such a great tool?
Safety, Consistency, Time efficiency, Measurable progressions, & Engaging/Entertaining

WHEN should/can you utilize them?
Year Round! But most popular during those cold, dreary days and when the days become shorter and there is far less sunlight.

HOW will taking advantage of a power meter/ smart trainer translate to increased fitness, power, and overall speed on the road?
The trainer/ power meter will create a consistent platform and motivation for you as an athlete to use. 
Because it is far safer than the road and literally in your ‘own backyard’/ staring at you, you are more far more likely to grab your shoes and hop on.
With consistency comes results! No doubt, structured programming built toward your goals comes progress and motivation.
And one last thing, riding with a purpose, while ‘hanging out’ with the best of the best (potentially world wide greats)- who wouldn’t love that!

WHAT now?
Get with a certified coach to find specifically fits your goals, experience, and budget. There are so many options. At Playtri, we do not simply sell the product. Rather we want to educate, guide, and maximize your potential, as you learn to love and see progressions with your trainer/smart trainer.

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