Train Fast. Train Often. Be Safe. No Complaining.

I first started coaching youth triathlon back in 2009. At the time, all I knew was that we needed the kids to swim, bike and run fast and often, do it safely, and have a good attitude. Fast forward to 2016, working at Playtri. I know a lot more now. I have a lot more credentials. I've written articles, done podcasts, coached athletes to compete nationally and internationally, directed junior elite camps, and been a part of the development of what is now probably one of the largest youth programs in the country.

But I'm here to tell you - with all the knowledge I've gained, those things I believed 7 years ago are still what I believe. Swim, bike, run - at speed, and often (be specific and consistent). Do it in a way that is safe (age-appropriate, skills-first, listening to your body, have an intentional and multilateral strength foundation). Have a good attitude (simple rule at Playtri - no complaining, which by the way is NOT the same as giving constructive feedback). We can make this sport complicated, but the truth is, no coach has a special secret method to making faster athletes. We're all more or less trying to get our athletes to do what I was trying to get our youth team to do back in 2009.

Train fast. Train often. Be safe. No complaining.

As our youth elites head into Nationals this weekend, this is ultimately the foundation that we've worked to build for them, and that they have worked to build for themselves and each other. It is a team effort, and I am proud of the team these athletes have helped to build. We're not perfect, but we've overcome a lot individually and as a group, and that is what creates a team culture that can sustain. So we'll continue to focus on the basics.

Train fast. Train often. Be safe. No complaining.

We'll see you at Nationals. ROAR LIONS!