What is Fascia and Why is it Important?

Time for a science lesson! Chances are you've probably heard of an athlete having some form of faciitis (plantar faciitis is one of the most common forms), or maybe heard coaches or doctors talk about foam rolling as a way to release fascial adhesions. In general when we talk about potential problem areas for young athletes, we tend to look towards tendons, muscles, ligaments and bones. The truth, however, is usually more complicated, and one often over-looked area that can potentially cause problems in all of the above is fascia.

So what is fascia, and why is it important to young athletes? Read the following article to learn more about this important tissue and how your athlete can keep it functioning properly!

"Fascia - What the Heck is it?"

Interested in some good ways to perform fascial release? Reagan ChiroSport, our team partner, has doctors certified in Active Release Therapy, and they work with young athletes on a regular basis. I recommend you check out their website for more information, or to make an appointment if your athlete ever experiences pain that could potentially be related to their sports activity. We also sell TriggerPoint products at all our Playtri Stores, which can be great additions to fascial treatment and maintenance routines.

Happy Wednesday, and remember to keep your fascia feeling good!

Coach Morgan