Amber's Ironman Journey Update - January

Just wanted to give everyone an update on my Ironman journey...

I’m a little over 2 months in and just finished my second key weekend over the New Year’s weekend. 

Each key weekend increases the load to move me closer to my goal. Just to give you an example of a key weekend here were my workouts: 

  • Friday - 1-hour swim followed by a 2 hour brick trainer ride
  • Saturday - 4-hour trainer ride followed by a 30 min brick run
  • Sunday - Half Marathon 

Now looking at that all together might seem overwhelming but you just take it one workout, one segment or even one interval at a time. If you would have told me at the beginning of this journey I would run a half marathon 2 months in I would have laughed and said you were crazy. Between multiple foot injuries and inconsistencies with my running prior to starting Ironman training, that Half on a very cold and snowing/sleeting New Year’s Eve I had only run 5.5 miles. I stuck to the plan and while miles 6-13 were slower than the first 5, I finished it! 

Through these weeks of training my families support and that of my Coach and training buddies have been part of the driving force pushing me through. That 4-hour trainer ride would have been so difficult if i hadn’t had others riding with me or dropping by to give words of encouragement! Thanks Jodi, John, Reed, Tamar, and Erin!

I have also learned how important recovery is...monthly visits to my Chiropractor, Dr. Rodgers, foam rolling even though I don’t like to and using compression boots after the longer workouts have really helped.

I have learned to always have a backup plan, I had a hill workout one morning but due to rain and fog had to go to the gym and do hill repeats on the treadmill. Maybe it’s not a workout but a meal for the family...have some crockpot meals in the freezer or a quick throw together meal ready if you get off work late and the meal you had planned can’t be ready in time.

This experience has been so different from any other training as I have a Coach who listens and plans workouts not only that she knows I will do but I can see the progression and love knowing that it is specifically for me and not just a turn-key plan that may or may not benefit me or get me to my goal. Coach Morgan Hoffman, YOU ARE AMAZING, Thank you!